There are a number of quality razors out there. To name a few, Remington and Braun offer exceptional quality at a reasonable price. The important thing to do is check a number of product reviews.

Things you should look for

Make sure there are no complaints about beard rashes or ingrown hairs. You want an electric shaver that does not cause any discomfort. Also, make sure your razor is durable. You want to pick a shaver that will last for the long term, not just a temporary solution.

Why People Say The Panasonic Arc IV Nano Is The Best Electric Shaver

If you were to peruse for the best electric shaver, you would undoubtedly come across the Panasonic Arc IV Nano. With over 370 five-star reviews, it’s clear that Panasonic hit a home-run with this wet/dry male grooming product. Here’s what people are saying about it and why you can feel confident the Panasonic Arc IV Nano is the best electric shaver on the market.


You’ll get a quick shave with the industry’s sharpest 30-degree blades. The arced foils and blades are credited with the close, uniform shave. The Panasonic Arc IV Nano comes with a patented linear motor that operates at 13,000 – 17,000 rpm to tackle thicker beards where standard 8,000 – 10,000 rpm razors fail. Intelligent data monitors let you know when your battery needs charging and when your device needs cleaning.


Many people feel the phrase best electric shaver is an oxymoron because electric shavers “can’t possibly compare” to straight razors, they’d argue. However, new converts are often surprised to learn that they can get an extremely close shave with modern electric razors. In other words: these aren’t your father’s electric razors! The next-generation has better technology, therefore enabling a smoother shave. “Until this shaver I have been of the opinion, the electrics couldn’t compare to the closeness of the Gillette Fusion… but all that has changed,” says one Amazon reviewer. “For the first time, I can say the shave is as close as the non-electric options, and with no razor burn.”


One reviewer said the pictures don’t really do the Panasonic Arc IV Nano justice. The blue is a more vibrant shade in person and the black is actually rubberized for better grip. The best electric shaver not only works well, but it looks good too!

Function & Cleaning

Compared to Remington, the Panasonic Arc IV Nano is easier to clean, quieter, and lacks the cumbersome charging base. It’s easy to clean with just a drop of dish soap, users say, and the blade is easy to pop off to get all the nooks and crannies. Part of what makes this Panasonic model the best electric shaver is its ease of use, which countless reviewers cite as a determining factor in their purchase. Check for more details about the best electric shavers.


Who would’ve thought you could get the best electric shaver for under $100? How can you go wrong?

At the point when the minute is correct, you may simply need to stir up the warmth between the sheets and experience the lascivious fulfillment just anal sex can convey. From self-play to you and your better half getting a charge out of the experience together, anal lube will be the very fixing that has all the effect between a wonderful demonstration and a difficult ordeal. This is particularly valid for first-time butt sex participators since their Anus sphincter muscles are not used to an article being embedded inside their rear-end in this manner it causes a fixing impact that applies an excess of weight and grinding. The reactions of such remissness can be serious and cause tearing inside the rear-end.


With a wealth of decisions available couples all over are worried about what butt oils are the best for them or their loved one. Before we dig into the universe of what’s the best lube for anal sex we should first comprehend there are three assortments of lube all made with an alternate base item. It might appear like an overwhelming assignment to pick the best anal lube, however beneath we have recorded the three assortments.

Water Based Anal Lubricants

A standout amongst the most widely recognized anal greases up used by far most of the couples and solo fans are water-solvent lube items. The best water based lube is by a long shot the most established form of individual grease available and began with two normal substance premise called cellulose ether and glycerin which gave consistency in this way decreasing rubbing and expanding joy. The key advantage of water based ointments on the buyer side is that they are perfect with simulated flavorings and other added substances which give couples more zest and assortment in their sexual coexistence.

One reason water-dissolvable could in all likelihood be the best lube for anal sex is the way that water-based oils don’t hurt condoms therefore making safe sex less demanding to perform.

Oil-Based Anal Lubricants

All oil based items have one foundation fixing called petroleum-jam. It’s the very substance that gives the lube its thickness. Throughout the years one of most normal oil-based anal greases up known around the house was Vaseline. The times of utilizing Vaseline as lube are not totally over, but rather it has been eliminated offering an approach to choices that last more amid the anal sex and tend to build the delight.
For couples in long haul connections the upsides of anal greases that are oil-based are significant. In case, you’re anticipating consolidating sex toys in with the general mish-mash than petroleum-based lubes can without a doubt expand the happiness since water-based ointments tend to dry out and retain into the skin therefore not enduring sufficiently long not at all like oil-based greases which last a great deal longer.

Silicon-based Anal Lubricants

The most recent and best lube for anal sex available today is a silicon-based ointment. Much the same as oil-based greases they last a great deal longer than water-based anal lube and are a phenomenal decision for couples or solo lover alike who needs to share an energetic minute inside a water situation. This is on the grounds that the silicon-based properties don’t assimilate in the skin nor separate in the water around them like the water-solvent anal greases up do and therefore are the best lube for anal joy while in the water.

So what’s the best lube for anal sex?

Finding the best anal lubricant all boils down to first assessing you and your critical others circumstance before taking part in sex. For the cost cognizant, oil based would make the best anal lube general, particularly for submitted couples. For those of us who are veggie lovers or ecologically mindful you can buy every single natural oil that contains no creature items or added substances.

These every natural ointment cost all the more yet are the best lube for anal play if you will likely go all common and cut out conceivably hurtful chemicals. Whatever your way of life might be all that really matters for your base can be altered to fit your inclination and make a delightful environment for you and your adoration one!